In laboratories where technology communicates with the know-how Made in Italy, excellence and sound fidelity are the beacon that guides research and production.

Everything comes from an intuition, from a very precise idea of sound that gradually takes shape. And through a careful study, design, prototyping, validation and production, the product sees the light. It is from here that the purity of the sound signed CIARE springs.



Ideas, intuitions and visions are developed thanks to careful and punctual feasibility analyzes.
Whether you modify existing products or study new solutions, listening and research always accompany the evolution or creation of a product.
Attention to the market and analysis of customer needs is what distinguishes the CIARE production system so much that it is always unique and innovative.


Versatility and deep knowledge of the most innovative technology guides the design of the parts of a product made in CIARE so that it is perfect in all its components, both in the engine and in the moving parts.


From the idea to the product, the intuition begins to take shape. The care with which the raw materials and components are selected is maximum: it is from this attention that the first prototype is born, carefully tested with sophisticated measurements. The analysis and detection of its performance allow it to immediately verify its quality and efficiency.
In addition to the classic expected measurements that evaluate the speaker performance, particular attention is paid to power tests that simulate the behavior of the product in the most extreme possible conditions of use.


Once the prototype has been tested, once the expected quality levels have been reached, the pilot production is started and then validated through a technical evaluation process by all the departments involved in the development of the product. And it is from this that the real production begins, constantly and carefully monitored through the numerous test stations installed throughout the production line. In this way, CIARE gives life to the Golden Sample, the sample from which all the characteristics and technical specifications of reference derive.


The product is ready to be marketed. No less important than the other production phases, the sale is the moment in which CIARE gets back in contact with its customers, proposing not only solutions adapted to their needs, but interpreting them with the versatility that characterizes it. It is here that users, enthusiasts, retailers, auto-builders, find not only assistance, but also the possibility of developing together with the company products able to reach that unique and unmistakable sound perfection.