Ciare’s world


For over sixty-five years CIARE brings the Made in Italy sound quality to the world.

Founded thanks to the foresight of Dino Giannini with the name of Costruzioni Italiane Apparecchiature Radio Elettriche, the company has developed over time a deep experience in the design and production of loudspeakers and components for amplification boxes in the sectors of the Professional, Home HI-FI and Sound Car.

In CIARE the design and production versatility of the technical departments transforms the customer's needs into solutions and products that bring with them an unmistakable sound quality.

Because in the company the conviction is strong that every dream has its own sound and that for this it’s essential to create audio products designed ad hoc.

There is no unique sound for everyone, everyone has their own idea of sound and CIARE knows this well, so it devotes a lot of energy and great attention to listening to the needs of its customers and markets, studying the best solutions and creating specific products for each one of them.


Our Path

A wealth of experience and knowledge that has grown and consolidated over time, in the name of a sound quality "made in CIARE" synonymous with reliability, effectiveness and efficiency.

  • 1951The "Costruzioni Italiane Altoparlanti Radio Elettronica" – CIARE for all – was born from the will of Dino Giannini. For the first thirty years it oriented its research and production to the industrial sector, with radio and TV loudspeakers, cars, Public Address and Hi-Fi.

  • 1980The commercial brand Electronic melody sees the light with a catalogue of products always available dedicated to HI-FI lovers in cars and at home and with a customer assistance service for the self-construction of professional audio systems.

  • 1990The Twin Driver is born. It’s a medium-high unit with two concentric ways, covered by numerous international patents, the flagship of the SEC series (Selected Audio Components), a real leap forward towards the point source.

  • 1993The Sub Otto project, a car subwoofer that uses eight units of CW 131 arranged in symmetrical push-pull loading, gets a resounding success.

  • 1996Planet is released, a medium tweeter for 360 ° adjustable cars, an innovative project that simplifies installation and improves sound quality, then copied by manufacturers around the world.

  • 1997From a brilliant idea of the CIARE designers, Compak is born, an ultra-compact 160 mm mid-woofer, designed to simplify the installation and assembly of the loudspeakers.

  • 1998-2004The Chorus Kit is born, a trumpet system specifically for car use, which starts the development of the unbeatable front soundstage marked CIARE. Later the CSW4000 comes out, the first 4-coil subwoofer with neodymium magnetic assembly dedicated to SPL car competitions.

  • 2005-2009For the first time, CIARE uses the neodymium “tablets” in a door speaker for SPL: the CM200ND paves the way for the subsequent CM165NDA and CM205NDA. With the CT385ND the performing neodymium "tablets" are used by the company also for high frequenciese

  • 2010The CSW8000 is released, a subwoofer dedicated to SPL competitions that successfully employs innovative materials and technological solutions and in contrast with competitors.

  • 2012Electronic Melody and Ciare Speakers merge to form a single company

  • 2015The company becomes part of the Eighteen Sound family: a new era begins for CIARE that will see it engaged in increasingly innovative projects and products