Magnet Type
Nominal diameter (in/mm)
Program power (W)
Voice Coil Diameter (in)
Nominal Impedance (ohm)
Sensitivity (db 1W/1m)


Key Features

Parametri rilevati con bobine mobili in serie, membrana in cellulosa smorzata, sospensione in gomma, flangia senza guarnizione

General Specifications

Musical power (W): 200 + 200
Nominal power AES (W) 100 + 100
Nominal diameter (''/mm) 10''- 250mm
Nominal impedance (Ω) 8+8
Voice coil diameter (mm): 50
Sensitivity 1W/1m (dB) 89
Spare part code

Thiele Small Parameters

Note Parametri rilevati con bobine in serie
Re 5,80 + 5,80
Fs 30
Qms 7,21
Qes 0,43
Qts 0,4
Mms 79,13
Cms 0,38
D 210
Vas 63,19
BxL 19,91
Linear Mathematical Xmax 10
n 0,36
Le (1kHz) 4,03


Basket Type Alluminio
Magnet Type Ferrite
Cone Material Cellulosa smorzata
Suspension Material Gomma
Spider Material
Former material Kapton
Winding material
Connector type
Cone shape
Gap height 8


Applications Subwooferf
Recommended Loading Bass Reflex
Loading Volume 62 litri
Tuning Frequency 30 Hz
Frequency range 25-600 Hz

Dimension and weight

Overall diameter 267,5 mm
Total depth 122 mm
Flange thickness 5 mm
Front mount baffle cutout diameter 235 mm
N. of mounting holes 8
Mounting holes diameter (mm) 5 mm
Bolt circle diameter 253 mm
Gross weight 4,2 kg


NPieces per masterpacking 1


Model Code Info
HS251 HS251