A wealth of knowledge and experience which has grown and been consolidated over time to create the “CIARE sound” and make the company synonymous with reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.






Dino Giannini founded “Costruzioni Italiane Altoparlanti Radio Elettronica”, the company known to everyone as CIARE, which for the first thirty years of its activity focused its research and production on the industrial sector, with speakers for radio and TV, cars, public address systems and Hi-Fi.




The brand Electronic melody is created, offering a permanently available product catalogue dedicated to home and car HI-FI enthusiasts, with a customer service department supporting those who wish to build their own professional audio systems.




The Twin Driver speaker is launched. Composed of a midrange and a tweeter unit with separate structures but with coinciding sound sources, it is the jewel in the crown of the SEC (Selected Audio Components) range, a real leap forward towards the creation of point-source sound and is covered by numerous international patents.




The Sub Otto project, a car subwoofer which uses eight CW 131 units in a symmetrical push-pull layout, obtains great success




Planet, a 360° revolving car mid-tweeter, is released; its innovative design simplifies installation and improves sound quality, and has been copied by manufacturers all over the world



An innovative idea from CIARE designers leads to Compak, an ultra-compact 160 mm mid-woofer, designed to simplify speaker installation and assembly



This year sees the launch of Kit Chorus, a horn transducer specifically for car audio which signals the start of the development of the unbeatable CIARE front soundstage. The CSW4000 is released, the first 4-coil subwoofer with neodymium magnets designed for SPL car audio competitions.




CIARE uses neodymium magnets for the first time in a door speaker for SPL competitors: the CM200ND leads the way for the later CM165NDA and CM205NDA. With the CT385ND, the company begins using high-performance neodymium magnets for high-frequency reproduction as well.





The CSW8000 is launched, a dedicated SPL competition subwoofer which successfully uses innovative materials and technological solutions, unlike its competitors.




Electronic Melody and Ciare Speakers merge to form a single company.



The company becomes part of the 18Sound family: a new era begins for CIARE which will see it involved in increasingly innovative projects and products.