CIARE has been bringing Italian-made quality sound to the world for over sixty-five years.




Founded by forward-thinking Dino Giannini, who named it Costruzioni Italiane Apparecchiature Radio Elettriche (Italian radio-electrical appliance manufacturing), over time the company has built up significant expertise in the design and production of speakers and amplifier components for the Professional, Home HI-FI and Car Audio sectors.


At CIARE, the design and production flexibility of our technical departments turns customer requirements into products and solutions with a unique sound quality.


Because we strongly believe in our motto, to each their own sound, and for this reason it is essential to create custom-designed audio products.

There is no such thing as a single sound for everybody, as each person has their own ideas in this regard – this is something we at CIARE know very well, and so we put a lot of effort and energy into listening to the needs of our customers and the market as a whole in order to come up with the best solutions and create specific products for each of them.




This dedication to listening and sound quality has made CIARE's products so recognisable that even today they do not fail to amaze.