Products for the Professional Audio

A range of solutions designed for the Professional audio sector in which a craftsmanlike product focus is an integral part of an industrial production system guaranteed by certified quality standards. This is the starting point for CIARE sound fidelity, letting each and every customer requirement come to life.


A unique sound for your Home

Sound as you have never heard before: Home Sound products and solutions for those who want to get more out of the soundtrack to their life.
In order to achieve the sound quality which each and every customer wants, CIARE offers customized solutions specific to their requirements, but all with the unique product quality which sets them apart in terms of their performance and design.


Quality sound for your car

Components designed to offer the highest performance at all times and achieve perfect sound quality even in your car, so that every journey is unique and unforgettable.


All the power and energy of the Ciare sound in your car

Audio solutions for the world of Car SPL competition, offering powerful, high-efficiency sound: CIARE's customization and quality mean its products will pleasantly surprise you.